Validator Tipping Wallet  
If you would like to help keep this automated wallet active for tipping XRPL validators, please consider making a small donation to this effort...and thank-you!
Donations can be made by sending a direct payment from your wallet, or by using your xrptipbot account to withdraw XRP to the following address:
XRPL rMAkB8EWyvqNmj72at3q5dDEAAt4HA1YMA
PayString validator-tips$
Wallet Explorer
Available balance: 429.8734 XRP
Maximum daily reward per validator: 0.05 XRP
Tips sent today: 0.1827 XRP
Total tips sent: 246.5565 XRP
Estimated days of funds remaining: 2352
Daily tips are calculated as:
(maximum daily reward) * (% validator score)
Tipping Details for October 18, 2021
UNL Domain Validator XRPL Address Ranking Score Availability Reliability Consistency Transparency XRP Tip Transaction Hash rGuVPcrztffRtJSxvUGesbjomj18akhTS9 64.7700 0.0324 F9FE488568CF99EAFF6B50B4D299D9BA5BB2AE7E5FC7F5DD4120DE773EDB964B rGkEa7bS3yQhZMuHmP7XNmGDpEoV7utzGK 61.4080 0.0307 E3DDCD8B898A9BA851C79ABAC1AC53D4BC4703F6A327D9C512BA250EF3EE36D5 rKmBmEE7QsH9mRL3SKhYJYEgmGGFRvN8c5 60.3820 0.0302 2F68E2DCEC537DE83142045A947716CC4ADA8DA3CDFD5360737F1336960A5C8A rMYL6sN2z5os4RWLuT6HHDhJYpBACujzNa 60.1230 0.0301 E988098A66795BA73DD5730B043DBF2E21563C6D070C519E554E9041F285F9D2 rKontEGtDju5MCEJCwtrvTWQQqVAw5juXe 59.8090 0.0299 BF7F178356D8BFA2D0AE047B8B69D7FE14D0F0A49231297A3A967DFC8363C204
rH9TU4uusJ97VNH5Kb5L5HaeyhiJoWiWXH 33.9410 0.0170 4C5143C79C438F75EEE6AC844BB2A89A746AD3BB25913825340D8BC0B689ACF4
rNjreFXC9PThzdDbzoocBDCiBd4KzatU3U 25.0000 0.0125 B9A174DCB02C36BE8E4E547D2B7D0B220573671758468C92BAA5D784C11E55B5
Tips sent today 0.1827